Friday, March 19, 2010

Chapter 3

Cassie: well...actually....yeah..I do..*eyes widen* did...I just say that..x.x...
Nick: I have to go...feed my drums..*runs to his bunk*
Jessie: *walks to him* Hey *smiles*
Nick: TI- oh hi..*smiles a little* Can I have privacy?
Jessie: Sure whatever! *annoyed* *slams the curtain shut* *walks back to her bunk*
Tia: *walks to Nick* Hey *smiles*
Nick: Heyyy come sit with me!
Jessie: *sitting in her bunk* *feels her tear welling up in her eyes*
Joe: *throws whip cream at Laura* *laughs*
Laura: OH ITS ON BOIIIIII *throws cheese at him*
Cassie: *walks to Nick doesn't know Tia's there* He- o.o *sees Tia and Nick making out* MAKE OUT CITY CHICAGOOOO
(The bus is at a hotel now)
Jessie: *runs off past everyone, looking down*
Ky: What
Cassie: Is
Laura: Her
Aleja: Problem
Desi: Question Mark *laughs*
Joe: *walks off* *runs to Jessie* Hey whats up?
Jessie: *wipes her eyes* Nothing just fine!
Joe: seriously I know somethings wrong...
Jessie: Joe I love this guy and..well I think he loves some one else...*looks at him in the eyes
Joe: *kisses her* me? I love you too
Jessie: That made it even worse *runs into the girls bathroom*
Tia and Nick: *sitting together* *giggles*
Aleja: love birds..x.x...
Ky: why are we still sitting here?
Everyone: *gets off the bus*
Nick: Ok So me Joe Kev Cassie Laura and Desi
Kevin: Ky Aleja Tia and Jess..
*Everyone goes their separate ways*
Jessie: *walks back in to see Nick and Tia making out* *gasps*