Friday, March 19, 2010

(Its been a long bus drive so everyone is not starstruck)
Kevin: *having a spazz*
Aleja: Haha..Tia looks like you have a twin..*laugh attack* Tia: -.-...I AM NOT A SPAAZZZZZZZ *spazz attack*
Desi: *laughs*
Jessie: *sitting with Nick* *trying to figure out the guitar* Ok so its Dm then Cm then G?
Nick: Yeah you're like a natural.
Jessie: well my dad does play guitar..*giggles*
Cassie&Laura: *looking around the bus*
Joe: *sitting with Ky and Court* So would you rather...sit in the bottom of the ocean with out a mask or of my bus drivers..lower back?
Ky: ants
Court: ants by faaaar
Desi: *walks up to Kevin* Its ok! *rubs his back* sit down, drink some water, and relaaax *gives him some water*
Kevin: *breathes deeply* Ok...
Desi: *giggles*
Cassie: *comes out with Joe's tighty whiteys..* Joseph may I ask why don't you wear boxers!?
Joe: PUT THOSE AWAY *blushes*
Tia: *walks to Jessie and Nick* think she can play guitar look at this *plays Brick by Boring Brick* *smiles*
Nick: WOW *forgets Jessie's there* Dude you're like, GOOD!
Jessie: So Nick how did you know that guitar was your thing?
Nick: I don't know *goes back to Tia* Hey wanna go back to my bunk and we can like try out some things?
Jessie: *feels left out* *goes back to a bunk that nobody uses*'s having fun..
Ky: *walks back* Hey having fun?
Jessie: OODLES! Everyone's having fun! *fake smiles*
Ky: ...what about you? *confused*
Desi: *walks in* Hey we're playing spin the bottle*
Ky,Desi, and Jessie: *walk out and sit together*
Laura: *spins lands on Joe* o.o...hehehehehehe...hehe...*Kisses Joe*
Joe: *fake smiles* *isn't interested in Laura* *spins lands on Desi*
Desi: haha This is boring..theres only two guys..truth or dare?
Nick: YES! Haha *to Aleja* Truth or Dare?
Aleja: DARE!
Nick: I dare you's toenails..*evil face* He collects them in a jar...
Aleja: oh good gravy..*eats 3*
Aleja: * to Cassie* truth or Dare?
Cassie: Truth
Aleja: is it true that you love Nick?
Cassie: Du-
Aleja: not actual love
Cassie: uh..well..
Nick: *looks down* *not interested*